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Living Life on Life's Terms & Feeling Good About It!

I am a seasoned therapist that assists high functioning individuals with developing the skills to address whatever roadblocks life is presenting. It may be an issue regarding a relationship with a family member, a work related challenge or more complex issues such as divorce, addiction, adoption or a significant loss. Whatever it may be, I am equipped to help see you through these real life challenges, and comfort you with the wisdom that there is a solution.

Life Happens and we need to be prepared to manage whatever comes our way. Through an eclectic treatment modality, I assist individuals, couples, adolescents and The Family System to achieve and maintain their highest functioning.

Successful Psychotherapy is were stellar education meets relational artistry.  Simply stated, you present the facts, feelings, and resistance, and I help you paint the picture to uncover a deeper understanding with your purposeful meaning in life. From there, I present you with a flash light to find your way. Along this path, it’s my hope and goal for my clients to develop new tools that lead to an optimally fulfilled life. Life is a process, not a destination and I'm honored to join my clients on their journey.

Finding a therapist to assist in your families well-being can be a difficult endeavor.  I understand the complexities of this decision I respect that you may want to meet me in person to decide if we are a good fit for you and your family.  I welcome you to come in for a free 30 minutes consultation to discuss your current needs. It is my hope and goal to help each member of the family identify their individual challenges so to strengthen the entire system. While we can not change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges that may feel overwhelming today.








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